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This policy exists to give customers peace of mind when using our service. It explains how G CUBE group handles personal information. We ask that you use G CUBE group's offered services after reading and agreeing to our policy regarding privacy protection. Using G CUBE group's services means you have agreed with our policies regarding the handling of personal information.

Collecting of Personal Information

When G CUBE group collects personal information, it is forwarded to our customer service desk. Through your submitted form, we collect your address, name, e-mail address, phone number, and mobile phone number.

Use of Personal Information

G CUBE group will manage customer information in responsible fashion and, unless some special circumstances apply, will not disclose or provide it to third parties without your content. However, there may be cases when we entrust your personal information to other companies. This is limited to times when it is necessary to achieve certain purposes of use. G CUBE group will use personal information acquired from customers, limited to purposes made clear upon acquisition, as well as the offering of services pertaining to acquisition within certain limits. Personal information will be used for the following purposes, and will not be used in any other case.

  • To reply or respond to customer inquiries, requests, and questions.
  • To send direct mail or e-mail regarding G CUBE group products and services.
  • To provide information, proposals or offers pertaining to G CUBE group products and services, campaigns or seminars.
  • Personal information used by G CUBE group for analytical or statistical purposes is processed in ways that makes it impossible to identify individuals.

Sharing of Personal Information

G CUBE group may share customer information with contractors. However, these contractors will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, which will be appropriately managed under the supervision of G CUBE group.

Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

G CUBE group will not provide your information to third parties except in the following circumstances.

  • After requesting and receiving your permission.
  • When some or all data must be entrusted for the express purpose of achieving the specifics of a required goal.
  • When provided as required during business transfers, mergers, and other business succession.
  • When personal information is shared between companies, but only after being clearly announced beforehand.
  • When requested from certain legal organizations that have the authority to make such requests, such as courts, the police, tax offices, and consumer information centers.

Security for the Protection of Personal Information

We keep information accurate and updated, and take measures to prevent personal information from improper access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage. Also, we implement strict control systems and training for employees on the handling of personal information, and handle personal information with the utmost care.

Release, Alteration, Revision or Deletion of Personal Information

Please contact G CUBE group if you wish to have your personal information released to you, altered, revised, or deleted. We will promptly take measures to deal with your request once we have confirmed your identity.

Use of Cookies

G CUBE group's website uses advertising systems from third party search sites, and uses cookies to that end. The information collected from cookies is not personally identifying.

Log Files

G CUBE group's website records information of visitors in an access log. The access log gathers information about your domain name, IP address, browser type, access date, and other similar information. It does not gather any information that is personally identifying. The access log is used for statistical analysis related to the maintenance and usage status of G CUBE group's website. It is not used for any other purpose.


G CUBE group does not take any responsibility for the standards of personal information handling and contents on external pages linked on our website. It is recommended that you check the personal information handling policies of each linked site.

Changes to the Handling of Personal Information

G CUBE group consistently reviews its handling of the protection of personal information, and due to the process of working on improvements and progress, this policy may be revised as necessary. If G CUBE group's policy regarding the handling of personal information is revised, an announcement will be published on our website.